Bardic Madness XIII Class Schedule
February 22, 2003

Classroom A Classroom B Main Hall Main Hall
Morning (10:30-11:30) Garraed Kudrun Cu'gan Ysolt
Afternoon (2-3) Mateo Fiona Charissa Chandler

Class list:
Morning classes

Performance technique
Master Garraed Galbraith, Baronies of Septentria/Ramshaven, Ealdormere
Ways to improve your singing and storytelling performance. Overview of the effects of warm-up techniques, gesture, and tone of voice.

Why not make it period?: how to find and use actual period music as a basis for filks and SCA songs
Kudrun the Pilegrim, Shire of Rokeclif
Why settle for 19th-century "traditional" music for filks and SCA songs when there were so many great tunes written before 1600? Here are some clues for finding and adapting them.

The Legends of CuCullain - an overview
Cu`gan-mhatthair MacMuircheartaigh, Shire of Turm an dem See
A general retelling of the characters and events ascribed to CuCullain, "The Hound of Ulster".

Beowulf: an exploration of culture-specific clues
Ysolt Pais de Cuer, Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr
A brief review of the story of Beowulf, followed by interpretation of some Saxon/Norse social assumptions, leading to a greater understanding of the text as well as the cultures. Fee: $2 to cover photocopy of class notes.

Afternoon classes

Very basic vocal technique for the fearful
Mateo Montero de Madrid, Barony of Jararvellir
The very basics of vocal performance, beginning with breathing and breath exercises, warm-ups, touching on vowels and diction, and possibly ending with vocal placement. Will also touch on relaxation and overcoming circle-fright.

Musical instrument petting zoo
Fiona of the Harp, College of Svaty Sebesta
Bring your favorite period instrument and tell us how it was used in period, demonstrate it, let other people try it, etc.

Creativity on tap
Charissa de la Sirra, Barony of Nordskogen
Charissa shares explosive ways to remove creativity blocks. Members of the class will write a poem or song to Leif and Astrid as a demonstrative excercise. All materials provided. Only a intent to have fun required.

An audience of one: flirting theory and technique
Master John Chandler, Barony of Jararvellir
A discussion and practicum of this most enjoyable performance art. For all ages and skill levels.

Alternate class, should any class be cancelled:

Storytelling from period sources
Dame Josceline Levesque, Barony of Jararvellir
A discussion of sources for accessible period stories in English, and tips on how to adapt them for SCA audiences, just as period authors adapted earlier works to better suit their own audience.

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