Welcome! Bardic Madness XVI:
Divers Hues: The Event of Many Colors

March 25, 2006
Hosted by the Shire of Trewint, Huron, SD

The newly-full-status Shire of Trewint invites all Bards, Troubadors, Trouveres, Minstrels, Minnesingers, Jongleurs, Singers, Storytellers, Poets, Scops, Skalds, Fillidhs, Olaves, Griots, Wordsmiths, and friends of the arts Bardic! Come join the merriment at Bardic Madness XVI! Bardic challenges and many fascinating classes await you.
Site Our site will be the Crossroads Convention Center, 100 4th St. SW, Huron, SD 57350, 605-352-3204.
Directions to site Coming from the east or west on Highway 14, turn south on Highway 37 (Dakota Ave) intersection (Taco Johns right by the stoplights) and cross the railroad tracks and continue 4 more blocks till you hit 4th Street. Turn west and go one block and you are there.

From the North and south on Highway 37 (Dakota Avenue) go till you are almost in the middle of town, turn west at 4th Street and go a block till you are there. Fourth and Dakota has a Norwest Bank on the SW corner and the Post Office on the SE corner.

Pre-registration Send pre-registration to Brenda Larson, 1049 Western Ave., Brookings, SD 57006. Make checks and money orders payable to "SCA Inc.-Shire of Trewint". When you send reservations, please include the SCA and mundane names of all those for whom you are sending payment. The only guaranteed feast reservation is a prepaid one! Pre-registration deadline is March 18.
Fees Site/Class tuition fee: $5; under 12: free; non-member surcharge will apply.
Feast: $16/adults, $10 for kids 6-12, age 5 and under free; optional kids' meal of hamburger or chicken fingers and fries is $6.
Lunch Lunch will not be provided on site, though several food sources may be found on and near the event site. Maps to nearby restaurants will be available at the event gate.
Feast Lady Linette FitzOsbourne (lady_aleah@hotmail.com) will be working with convention center staff to create a medieval feast including roast pork loin, chicken divan, green salad, pasta salad, marinated vegetables, rice, honey glazed carrots or green beans, rolls, and butter. You will want to be there, as the last set of challenges will be performed at Feast. There will be off-board seating for those who want to be there, but will not be eating Feast; please do not bring food in during Feast. (There will be a break before Feast for those who wish to go elsewhere to find dinner.)
Lodging The attached Crossroads Hotel is at 1-800-876-5858. There is a block of rooms at $62/room and callers must mention "Society for Creative Anachronism". Block originally expired February 24, but hotel staff say they will still honor the discounted price. A limited amount of crash space is available: contact Funk McCool at yodakrantz@hotmail.com.
Site rules
  • Please do not bring food in during Feast. (There will be a break before Feast for those who wish to go elsewhere to find dinner.)
  • No open flames: candles must be enclosed.
  • Site is dry in the feast and classroom area, but you may consume adult beverages in your rooms or the adjacent bar.
  • No smoking except in the bar area or outdoors.
Merchants Merchants: Space will be limited; SD sales tax license required, or contact Steward by March 1 to obtain a temporary permit. Space is free before March 1, $5/table fee thereafter.
Classes Our class list is still being developed, but will tentatively include such fascinating topics as Historic Bardic Schools, Colors in Medieval Society, Sonnet Workshop, and Improvisation Games! If you would like to teach, please contact the Provost.
Post-revel There will be a bardic post-revel at the site in the evening, after Feast.
Schedule (tentative as of March 13, 2006)
9:00    Site opens
10:00   Fyt the First
11:15   First class period
12:15   Lunch
1:30    Fyt the Second
2:45    Second class period
3:45    Fyt the Third
5:00    Northshield Bardic College meeting begins (open to all), then free time
6:30    Feast and Fyt the Fourth
After Feast    Cleanup and post-revel (on site)
Event staff For information on challenges, classes, patronage, or other curriculum questions:
Provost: THL Eliane Halevy
mka Jennifer Friedman
2010 Allen Blvd. #1
Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 238-7627

For information on reservations, logistics, and miscellaneous inquiries:
Steward: Hrothgar the Lucky
mka Scott Ingle
40779 215th St.
Cavour, SD 57324
(605) 352-0438

Rules for participating in challenges
  1. Challenges are not competitions. You win by entering.
  2. Please limit each performance to 5-7 minutes maximum, to be fair to others.
  3. Only one piece per performer per challenge.
  4. This is a family show; if you have a bawdy piece to perform, it might be better received at the post-revel.
  5. This is a bardic safe space. Take chances, be creative, put your heart into it, and have fun!
Fyt the First Ensemble Tale
Northshielders are nothing if not inclusive. All those who wish to participate get up together, and tell a tale from beginning to end, with the sponsor 'conducting' by pointing to the person whose turn it is to continue the tale, and deciding when it is time to end. The title of the story is "The Colors the Weaver Wove". You might get pointed at multiple times, so be ready! Patron: Dahrien

The Color of Wealth
Not all that is gold brings wealth or prosperity; conversely not all that brings wealth and prosperity is gold or silver. Speak, sing, or dance of that which has great value, or that which has been perceived so, rightly or wrongly. Involve a child, children, or the child in all of us, in your performance, as the greatest wealth we have is that our worth be remembered. Originator and Patron: Owen

Compose and/or perform a musical fanfare, sung piece, poem, speech song, or other work which is designed to rally the people. Props may be used. Patron: Conrad

Fyt the Second Authenticity's Delight
Perform an original piece (yours or someone else's) in a period style, or perform a piece documentable to SCA period. Plan to briefly introduce the piece by saying what style it is in, and from when/where. Originator: Ysolt; Patron: Aleksandre

Argue For or Against
Given a topic chosen out of a hat (or thought of by the audience) and five to fifteen minutes to prepare, present an argument for or against that topic. This can be done in prose or verse, with or without props or music. The topics will likely be creative, as they will come from the participants. Patron: Gabriel

Colorful Characters
History and literature are full of individuals associated in some way with a color: Bluebeard, the Green Knight, Erik the Red, King William Rufus (=red), Bianca (=white) from "Taming of the Shrew"...the list goes on and on. Investigate one of these or one not mentioned here, or make up your own character with his/her own story, and tell us about him/her in song, story, verse, or any other medium. Originator: Dahrien; Patron: Ciara

Fyt the Third Nobody Leaves Here Without Singing the Blues
Using the classic American blues-song format, sing us the story of something that makes you and/or your persona feel blue. Stick to SCA culture or period references, please-leave the troubles of mundane life for another time. Make us laugh and feel for you at the same time! Originator: Gunnar; Patron: Elashava

Sonnet Prompt
When you sign up for this challenge, draw a first line from the envelope and keep it. During the day, write a sonnet starting with the line you drew, and perform it. A short guide to sonnet form will also be near the signup sheet. Originator: Adelaide; Patron: Constanza

Given several texts to chose from in foreign languages, "translate" one of them and explain what it "really" means. Patron: Freydis

Fyt the Fourth (during Feast) Bard Scribe Illuminator
Given a subject in the morning, compose, calligraph, and illuminate a text on that subject. This may be done individually or as a team. Patron: Berwyn

Royal Challenge: The Black and the Gold
Black and gold are colors most dear to Their Majesties' hearts. Incorporate the Kingdom colors into a comedic piece in any format, but be sure to use them in a manner that will not be at the Kingdom's expense. Originator and Patron: Their Royal Majesties Aesa and Kitadate-Tenno

Blow Someone Else's Horn
Perform the work of some other SCA person, either as tribute to someone who could not be with us at the event, or to show off the work of a friend who's there. Extra applause for memorizing, and for doing something that is not well-known. Originators: Ysolt/Dahrien; Patron: Madeleine

Credits, disclaimer This is the website for Bardic Madness XVI (March 25, 2006) and is maintained by THL Eliane Halevy. Any discrepancies between the electronic version of any information on this site and the printed version (in the Northwatch) will be decided in favor of the printed version.

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