Bardic Madness V
February 18, 1995
The Canton of the Baronial Colleges of Nordleigh (Northfield, MN)

Please note: this is an archived page. This event has already taken place.

Calling all Bards, Calling all Bards (also Troubadours, Trouveres, Minstrels, Minnesingers, Jongleurs, Singers, Storytellers, Poets, Scops, Skalds, Fillids, Olaves, Griots, Wordsmiths, and friends)

The Canton of the Baronial Colleges of Nordleigh presents:
A Celebration of the Muses: Northshield Bardic Madness V

February 18, 1995 at the UCC Church 300 Union St. in Northfield, MN
*Hall hours: 8am-10pm Saturday
*Fees: Free (donation requested)
*Feast: $5 until Feb 1st, $6 after.
Checks payable to SCA-Nordleigh.
*Revels Friday and Saturday Evenings.
*Travellers' Accomodations have been arranged with area Innkeepers and with the good folk of the canton. Contact the Hallwarden for info.

Provost (Challenges, Classes, Contests):
Lord Owen Alun (Ben Tucker)
2111 Eleventh Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN
55404 (612) 872-2201

Hallwarden (Reservations, Event Flyers):
Lady Arianna Chiara Fiorucci (Jennifer Bailey)
304 Washington St. #2 Northfield, MN 55057
(507) 645-2798

Directions: Take I-35 to exit 69, go east to first light (5 mi), go straight for four more blocks. Turn left onto Union St. Signs will be posted.

The following are the challenges issued for Bardic Madness V, February 18th, 1995 in Northfield, MN

Quod Libet
Given a list of three topics and two tunes, use two topics and one tune to compose at least two verses and a chorus in five minutes or less.

In Praise of Another
Compose/Perform a poem, song or story about how wonderful someone else is. The person described should be either from the historical period or the current middle ages. This piece should describe the personal rather than the heroic dimension (contrast with the Unknown Hero).

Period Rouser
Perform a song, poem or story from the historical period which fires the imagination, the emotions, and/or the senses.

Ensemble (any size)
Bring a group of singers/storytellers/poetic chorus, etc. to perform a piece. Emphasis should focus on how hving more than one person performing enriches the narrative thrust and richness of the piece.

Compose/Perform a period riddle or an original one in period style.

Performance of a Period Work
Perform a "documentable to period" piece of music, song, poetry or prose reding.

The Unknown Hero
Perform a poem, song, or story about someone from the historical or current middle ages whose work was/is not recognized for its true worth. Unlike In Praise of Another, this should focus on the heroic rather than the personal qualities of the individual(s) involved.

Mnemonic Sequence
One Performer, Two Revels, Three Challenge Periods.....
Compose/Perform a piece designed to challenge or assist the memory. The piece should enumerate a list of items or a sequence of events (The twelve days of Christmas, Barley Mow, The Gentry are Sleeping are all further examples).

Poetry Stir Fry
Given a list of words, phrases, etc. compose a poem that uses them.

Setting of Music to Period Words
Write original music to a period text.

Original Rounds
Compose and teach a round. The focus should be on period or current middle ages subject matter and ease of learning.

Trope or SCA-Filk
Write new words to a tune from the middle ages or current middle ages. The subject should be history or SCA related.

Bard Scribe Illuminator
Given a subject in the morning, compose, calligraph, and illuminate a text on that subject. This may be done individually or as a team.

Tale in Persona
Tell a short tale in persona. Emphasis here is on how to use your persona's perspective in the story.

Period Style Poem or Song
Compose/perform an original work that is as close to period style as you know how.

*Pentathlon: for those driven to excess, enter five of the above categories and amaze your friends.
*Decathlon: you know who you are

Challenge general rules:
Challenges are not contests. The challenge is to try your hand at something new, to enjoy and help celebrate the creative spirit. Individuals are welcome and encouraged to give recognition to those performers whom they especially enjoy.

In order to allow the largest number of people to participate, challenge entries shall be limited to five minutes or less. Each person may enter a maximum of one piece in each challenge.

Questions about the challenges should be directed to the Provost:
Owen Alun
mka Ben Tucker
2111 11th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 872-2201

7:00 pm Evening Revel Begins

9:30 Warmups
Quod Libet
In Praise of Another
Period Rouser

11:00 First Class Period

12:00 First Challenge Period & Lunch
Performance of a Period Work

1:30 Second Class period

2:30 Second Challenge Period
The Unknown Hero
Mnemonic Sequence
Stir Fry

4:00 Northshield Bardic College Meeting

5:00 Third Challege Period
Setting of Music to Period Words
Original Rounds
Trope or SCA-Filk

6:30 Feast
Bard Scribe Illuminator
Tale in Persona
Period Style Poem or Song

The contents of this webpage were transcribed from an event flyer, found in a book in Owen's library, June 2002. Typed by Eliane, 6/22/02.

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