Greetings and welcome are bid to all Bards, Troubadors, Trouveres,
Minstrels, Minnesingers, Jongleurs, Singers, Storytellers, Poets, Scops,
Skalds, Fillids, Olaves, Griots, Wordsmiths, and friends of these arts.

The Barony of Jararvellir presents:
	A Festive Regale: 
(Northshield Bardic Madness VII)
March 8, 1997 * Fitchburg Community Center, 
5510 Lacy Rd. Fitchburg, WI 53711

* Hall Hours: 8am-10pm Saturday * Site Fee: $4
* Feast: $6 ($7 after 3/1) 
* Checks payable to SCA-Jararvellir
* Send Reservations to Kitchener * Site is Dry
* Revels Friday and Saturday evening at 	
  Thorbjornstead (directions below).  

Supreme Autocrat and Hostess of the Revels:	
  Lady Fiona McGregor {Betty Noel} 
  (608) 255-6523 {}
   200 Nygard St. Madison, WI 53713
Hostelier (Places to Stay/Hotel Information): 
  Lady Anandi Calie McRose {Anandi Gandolfi} 
  address and phone same as Supreme Autocrat
Provost (Challenges, Classes, Contests): 
  Lord Owen Alun {Ben Tucker} 
  (612) 872-2201 {}
  2111 - 11th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55404 
Kitchener (Send Reservations Here): 
  Mistress Elashava bas Riva {Sue Gilbert} 
  3314 Ridgeway Ave., Madison, WI 53704
  (608) 244-2845 {}

Please use modern names for mail 
& BARDIC MADNESS as subject in email

Directions to the Saturday Event Site:  

Take the best route to I-90 and US Hwy 12-18. (The Beltline) Go West on
Hwy 12-18 past Park St to Fish Hatchery Rd.  Turn Left (South) on Fish
Hatchery and go approx 3 miles to Lacy Rd. Turn left on Lacy Rd. The
community center is the first building on the left after the turn.

Directions to Thorbjornstead (Friday and Saturday nights):  From Hwy 12/18
and Park St., Go North on Park St. to West Badger Rd.  (the first light). 
Turn Right at Badger Rd.  Take Badger Rd. to Rusk St. Turn Left at Rusk,
Take Rusk to Nygard St. Turn Le ft at Nygard.  Thorbjornstead is at 200
Nygard, (NW corner of Sunnymeade and Nygard). 


7 pm Evening revel begins, at Hostelier's

	(Please note that times are approximate, they will change based on
	the number of entries in the challenges).

9:30am 		First Challenges
11:00am  	First Class Period
12:00pm  	Second Challenge Period & Lunch
1:30pm   	Second Class Period
2:30pm   	Third Challenge Period
4:00pm   	Northshield Bardic College Meeting
5:00pm   	Fourth Challenge Period
6:30pm   	Feast (and Fifth Challenge Period)
9:30pm   	Evening Revel Begins (at Hostelier's).

The Challenges issued for Bardic Madness VII:

Fyt the First (First Challenge Period)  

Quod Libet--Given a list of three topics and two tunes, use two topics and
	one tune to compose at least two verses and a chorus.
Blazin' Blazon--Compose/perform a piece of poetry or song in which
	heraldic description comprises a significant portion of the text. 
Song Swap--Teach a song which inspires everyone to sing.  The song should
	exemplify one or more positive aspects of the Middle Ages and/or
	the SCA.  (ex:  Drink for the Wind Blows Cold, Agincourt Carol,
	Song of the Shield Wall) 

Fyt the Second (Second Challenge Period)

Ensemble (any size)--Bring a group of singers/storytellers/poetic chorus,
	etc. to perform a piece.  Emphasis should focus on how having more
	than one person performing enriches the narrative thrust and
	richness of the piece. 
Riddle--compose/perform a riddle in any period style on a period subject,
	concept, or theme. 
First Composition--perform the very first original composition you ever
	performed at an SCA event (or take this opportunity to do so now). 

Fyt the Third (Third Challenge Period)

Gripping Period Tale -- tell a tale that would have been known in period
	that will keep the audience on the edge of their seat. 
Work in a Foreign Language--perform a (period or period-style original) 
	piece in a foreign language.  Emphasis is on the ability to
	"translate through performance" (i.e. while maintaining persona).
Magic Moment--perform a tale, poem, or song of a memorable SCA moment as
	if it were a purely historical event, without using anachronistic

Fyt the Fourth (Fourth Challenge Period)

Flirting--Given random male/female pairings, offer well phrased praise and
	reparte to your partner, while responding to the same with
	measured reaction, all while maintaining composure. The emphasis
	here is on flirtation as a form of discourse. 
Stir Fry -- given a list of words, do something "artistic" with them. 
New Work in Period Style --Compose and Perform a new original work, or a
	part of one, that is as close to period style as you can make it. 

Feast and Final Fyt 

Bard Scribe Illuminator--Given a subject in the morning, compose,
	calligraph, and illuminate a text on that subject.  This may be
	done individually or as a team. 
Performance of a Period Work --Perform a "documentable to period" piece of
	music, song, poetry or prose reading. Emphasis here is on the
	sheer "wow"  factor of the performance and piece. 
Honor over Victory -- A bardic performance on this theme. 

Special recognition shall be given for:

* Pentathlon: for those driven to excess, enter five of the above
	categories and amaze your friends. 
* Decathlon: You know who you are.
* Works (in any of the above) that also describe incidents or episodes
	from Northshield's history. 

Challenge general rules:

* Challenges are not contests. You win by entering and striving to do the
	best you can. 
* Challenges are designed to encourage you to try your hand at something
	new, to stretch yourself, to enjoy and to celebrate the creative
* Read the guidelines for the challenges carefully, like most exercises,
	they are designed to help you develop in specific areas. Try to
	follow them as closely as you can. 
* Individuals are welcome and encouraged to give recognition to those
	performers whom they especially enjoy.
* In order to allow the largest number of people to participate, challenge
	entries shall be limited to five minutes or less. Each person may
	enter a maximum of one piece in each challenge.

Classes are still being scheduled.  
If you would like to teach a class, please contact the Provost.


Feast Menu:

On the table:		Bread, Spiced Honey Butter 
			& Apple Butter, Pickles,
		 	Pickled Eggs, and Pickled
 			Herring in Wine Sauce.

First Course: 		Fruit Suppe, Cheese Pie, Baked Onions

Second Course: 		Roast Pork, Four Grain Pilaf, 
			Sweet and Sour Cabbage

Third Course:		Small Sweet Cakes
			Raspberry Fool